I am not at all interested in immortality, only the taste of teaLao Tzu

Elixir Tea House

Sarasota's best tea house

We just opened our tea house here in sunny Sarasota.

We would like to connect our community to cherished tea traditions from cultures around the world, ranging from high tea or afternoon tea from Britain, all the way to Japan and their ancient tea ceremonies which date back to the 9th century.

Tea is about relaxation, and enjoying life. Keep scrolling to see more of our wonderful tea house!

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Relax and enjoy

Tea and more

We have a wonderful selection of loose-leaf teas, coffee, mocha, latte, frappe, and espresso drinks as well as pastries and food.

We welcome you to come experience tea traditions from all around the world! We also have coffee drinks, food, and more!

We give a special 30% discount on a few teas every day. Like us to findout what the special tea of the day will be!

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We welcome you to come

Our goal is to create a new intellectual environment, where people can come together, socialize and enjoy life.

This teahouse is not about the day-to-day rush, it is about melting away the stresses of life over a great cup of tea.

We have many places for you to sit and enjoy your tea while reading a book or enjoying the company of your friends and family. We welcome you to come and relax for awhile in our wonderful space. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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